Description: Mr. Janowski has provide civil engineering services for over 200 subdivisions since he began his private practice in 1991. They include the planning, rezoning, the design of water and sewer extensions, nitrification field layouts,  the design of streets, highways and thoroughfares, the design of wastewater treatment facilities, marinas, boardwalks, bulkheads. It has included the preparation and approvals of federal, state and local community permits: environmental permits, storm water permits, erosion control permits, NPDES permits, Corp of Engineer and 401 water quality wetland fill permits, CAMA permits, dredging permits, mining permits, on-site wastewater disposal permits, water extension permits, sewer extension permits, NCDOT driveway and encroachment permits, community zoning compliance permits and many miscellaneous permits required to bring to fruition a subdivision project. He has worked with and coordinated each project with Professional Land Surveyors who collect the base data for design and prepare the plats for recordation and also provide all the required surveying services for each project.

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