Site Development Services and Project Experience

J. S. Janowski Engineering, PA uses a team approach to bring about the successful completion of every aspect of a site development project. We bring 30 years of experience in central and eastern North Carolina solving site development problems concerning every aspect of development. We have a thorough understanding of the development process and have an excellent track record of moving through the hurdles of the regulatory process: both federal, state and local.  We are also cognoscente of the critical nature of schedules and budgets and we are committed to providing each client the highest level of engineering and planning leadership to bring to fruition the development criteria for each client and each project.

Site Development Services

  •     Planning Services
  •     Preliminary Plans for Subdivisions and Commercial Development
  •     Land Planning
  •     Site Layout, Grading, Drainage and Design
  •     Permit & Encroachment Applications
  •     Rezoning & Annexation Petitions
  •     Stormwater Management Plans
  •     Water Distribution System Designs
  •     Sewer Collection System and Pump Station Designs
  •     On-Site Wastewater Sewer Treatment Facilities
  •     Street Layout & Design
  •     Construction Administration & Inspection
  •     Coordination of the Surveying Services of Sub-Consultants
  •     Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans
  •     Mining Permits

Project Experience

  •     Elementary Schools and Additions
  •     Middle Schools and Additions
  •     High Schools and Additions
  •     Residential Subdivisions
  •     Multi-Family Developments
  •     Shopping Centers
  •     Food Chains
  •     Retail Chains
  •     University Expansions and Studies
  •     Community Colleges
  •     Hospitals & Healthcare Offices
  •     Executive & Office Buildings Developments
  •     Industrial Developments and Plant Expansions
  •     Planned Unit Developments and Multi-use facilities
  •     Parking Lots
  •     Streets, Street Widening & Thoroughfares
  •     Marinas, Waterfront Developments, Walkways & Bridge
  •     Bulkheads, Piers and Boat Ramps